“APEGBC has shown consistent leadership in encouraging sustainable practices among its members. By adopting sustainability guidelines, connecting members with resources to apply sustainability principles to engineering and geosciences, and recognizing sustainable projects through the annual sustainability award, APEGBC is proving that we can safeguard the planet while still meeting our needs.”

Minister of State for Climate Action John Yap, looking back on the association’s progress in 2010.

1995 - Sustainability Guidelines

The association publishes the first iteration of its Sustainability Guidelines, considered pioneering at the time.

The guidelines aimed to address the increasing demand from engineers and geoscientists, and their clients and employers, for sustainable options in the implementation of engineering and geoscience projects.

In the years that followed, tools for sustainable practice became more widely adopted and accepted in engineering and geoscience practice, including green purchasing protocols, carbon footprint auditing, life-cycle analysis and triple-bottom-line accounting.