Courtenay, BC, Damage to interior of Elementary School (left) Port Alberni, BC Damage to the Bank of Monteal (right)

Photo Credit: National Resources Canada

1946 - Vancouver Island Earthquake

A large, damaging earthquake strikes off the coast of Vancouver Island in 1946, followed by a more significant quake along the Queen Charlotte islands in 1949.

These events prompt an infusion of federal money into geoscientific research in BC, as government committed to undertaking earthquake research on the west coast.

Research produced by seismologist W.G. Milne, with the aid of seismographs in Port Alberni, Horseshoe Bay, and Victoria, delineated the distribution of earthquakes in western Canada and led to the development of Canada’s first modern seismic zoning map, and the inclusion of the first seismic provisions in the 1953 National Building Code of Canada.